Fashion Revolution Week

*side note: I began to write this post a few weeks ago when I was thinking of starting my site but I was nervous about posting it because I felt I didn’t know enough about it to have an informed opinion but I’ve just discovered Fashion Revolution and decided that maybe every little helps so this is my input for Fashion Revolution  Week. Continue reading “Fashion Revolution Week”

Ikea Fabric Ironing Board Cover

IB Top Image

It’s time to replace our ironing board cover.

PATTERN: None needed really. Self draft using the Tilly and the Buttons tutorial which you can find here.

REASONS FOR MAKING: Our ironing board has been looking pretty tired for a while now, but the last time I replaced it with a crappy bought cover, it didn’t even fit properly so I was excited to give this a try once I saw it. Continue reading “Ikea Fabric Ironing Board Cover”


Podcasts Feature

I am a podcast newbie. Yes I’ve heard people talk about them for years but I never really heard of many subjects that interest me. But when I started looking into making my wedding dress and searching for tips and tricks, I came a cross a discussion on the Modern Sewciety podcast between Stephanie and Claire ShaefferI was reading her book on couture sewing techniques at the time so I was interested in hearing her speak. It was great to hear a subject I was interested in and could fully relate to so I continued listening to The Modern Sewciety and I’m delighted I did. Continue reading “Podcasts”