Flint Pants Cover shot Navy trousers handmade

PROJECT: A pair of high waist cropped trousers with super wide leg

PATTERN: Megan Nielsen’s Flint Pants & Shorts MN2210

REASONS FOR MAKING: Having fallen in love with a pair of culottes I bought recently, I really wanted to add some more to my wardrobe.

FABRICS:  Navy & white polyester crepe? I’m not 100% sure but what I do know is that it falls really nicely. Both sides have a different look so I wanted to use that to my advantage. It’s like there is an all over running stitch so that on one side you see tiny flecks of white thread coming through where as the other side has little lines of white thread.

TRIMS: Just one lonely little button at the waistband. I went with a black shell button.

HOW TO: This was such a lovely straight forward make that I tried to bash it out in one evening before I went on my holidays but time ran away from me and I decided to finish it properly rather than rush it.

The fabric I used is quite slippy to handle so I cut everything out on the single.

As mentioned before, there are two distinct sides to this fabric so I used the reverse side as a contrast for my waistband, ties and pockets. The only adjustment I made was making a slightly different shape for my ties.

handmade navy flint trouser with hand in pocket. ties at waist. white topside view of navy flint pants handmade wardrobe white top

These beauties finish just above my ankles where the deep hem gives a lovely bit of added weight. (Helps with the swooshyness!)

Holding a camera Wearing Handmade navy trouser pants coulottes. Flint Pants black shoesgirl wearing navy handmade flint trousers with black high heels

WHAT WENT WRONG: Not a thing. Hurrah!

LESSONS LEARNED: Today’s lesson was that if Flint is anything to go by, Megan Nielsen makes some great patterns! I’d happily check out more of her work.

And it turns out weekend brekkie is great for getting a bit of basting done!

breakfast sewing session of navy handmade flint trousers with cup of tea and pastry

VERDICT: I loved this make. It was quick, straight forward and satisfying. It would be great for a beginner to get stuck into since there is no zip to faff over. I didn’t have to make any fit adjustments which was great. And you get access to all your instructions and info in a handy app! How amazing is that?

This pattern obviously also works as shorts which I must remember for my next summer hols. I’d also be tempted to taper the leg and see how that turns out because I just adore the fit.

Now I just need to find some metallic brogues to wear with them…I think they’d be happy together.



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