New Beg Feature

A lovely little bias cut cami and shorts pyjama set.

PATTERN: Tilly and the Buttons – FiFi #sewingfifi

REASONS FOR MAKING: I wanted to get back sewing again. I loved making my wedding dress but haven’t given myself the time to get back  on the machine since.

FABRICS: Beautiful stone coloured French cotton lawn printed with a soft, antique purple Toile de Jouy design.

TRIMS: Cream cotton lace trim. Small dark grey gross grain bow. Shell buttons.

fifi 6x4

HOW TO: The instructions that come with this pattern are great. You can’t go wrong. They’re beautifully photographed and very clear. Since the top half of this pattern in cut on the bias, using a nice tightly woven lawn made this project easy to sew. Normally I wouldn’t cut bias on the double but since this fabric wasn’t too slippy, it was fine.
While I knew I’d be using a trim for the straps, I still constructed some out of the fabric binding as per the pattern so that there was a good base to sew the trim to. I’m really glad I did this as it wouldn’t have held otherwise.
The french seams were really satisfying. The pattern gives you a good seam allowance too. I’m used to using a smaller seam allowance so this makes FiFi a really nice beginners pattern.

WHAT WENT WRONG: Pattern wise, nothing! Hurrah! My trim however, had no give in it at all. Because it is also a little on the wide side (about 3cm) meant that as soon as it turned at the armhole, it pulled too tightly so I had to make a small cut at either side just to let it release. And now it’s been unravelling slightly after a few washes.

LESSONS LEARNED: Ideally, I should have worked out the trim and shaped it first but I was just so excited to get this finished that I ploughed straight in without making a toile. (Insert wrist slap here!)

VERDICT: This was a lovely pattern. Simple, straight forward and satisfying! I will definitely be using it again. I went for Tilly’s paper pattern and it’s printed on good heavy paper so it’s good for a few more goes. If you’re a beginner, jump straight in and don’t be afraid of the bias! And I just love that it uses french seams. It’s such a nice way to finish a garment and wasn’t difficult since there weren’t any major curves to get around. The bust was a little poky on me but again, that’s just because I jumped straight in and didn’t make a toile (my bad!). The finished set is nice and comfy and depending on what fabric you use, you can go super girly or ultra modern. I’d love to try this in a soft lightweight grey flannel. I just need to find some first!


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