Podcasts Feature

I am a podcast newbie. Yes I’ve heard people talk about them for years but I never really heard of many subjects that interest me. But when I started looking into making my wedding dress and searching for tips and tricks, I came a cross a discussion on the Modern Sewciety podcast between Stephanie and Claire ShaefferI was reading her book on couture sewing techniques at the time so I was interested in hearing her speak. It was great to hear a subject I was interested in and could fully relate to so I continued listening to The Modern Sewciety and I’m delighted I did.

modern sewciety

The Modern Sewciety has such a massive archive of episodes that I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I started listening to episode after episode of Stephanie’s incredible southern accent, talking all things sewing, business and general niceness. One of her episodes was with Christine from the Thread Cult podcast so this gave me a few more things to listen to. But incredibly, despite the ocean of sewing blogs and general interest, there aren’t that many podcasts focusing on garment sewing. Quilting, yes, but general apparel sewing, nope, not much. UNTIL…..

Enter Rachel from Maker Style. Another gem I found through listening to Stephanie. Her podcast is more focused on apparel sewing and small business which is more my bag. (While I can appreciate the skill and time that goes into quilting, it’s just not for me) And I might have a wee soft spot for her considering she’s Canadian and sure half my family now live in Canada!


Both Stephanie and Rachel and many others I have yet to discover, do this purely out of their passion for sewing so I can only commend them massively on their work. Seriously! They do this all in their limited spare time and get very little from it other than the thrill of having people follow, like, comment and share so I guess maybe this is my little way of saying thank you. Thank you for both being so inspiring, energetic, enthusiastic and creative. Please keep it up or I’ll be really sad!! Now I need to discover some more podcasts over this side of the pond…..


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