Meet Cora, the fabric stash angel.

Cora Feature.jpg

I own quite a lot of fabric. Some of it is beautiful and some of it not so much but the problem is, I’ve completely lost track of what I have. My fabric stash began about 20 years ago (feeling more than slightly old now!) when I made my first wrap skirt in secondary school. My collection started innocently enough but grew more and more as I progressed through design college and then into my career in the fashion industry. Safe to say, it’s getting a little out of hand.

So when I happened to hear Hélène Martin talking to Rachel on the Maker Style podcast about her Cora app, I nearly dropped my phone in excitement. An inventory app for my mountain of textiley madness? Someone give the woman a medal! So off I scurried to the App Store quick smart and got downloading. The initial download allows you to log 5 fabrics for free but sure that was never going to suffice. I needed more. MORE I SAY! It was time to invest and in fairness, €6.99 is a small price to pay if it helps me see what I actually own. Here’s the little logo you need to look out for. (or click on it here and it will bring you straight to itunes)


Armed with my fancy pants new app, I headed over to my parents house (aka – my storage unit) to finally tackle what I’d been threatening to do for years. Taking one drawer at a time, I measured each fabric by width and by length, labelled the (approximate!) fibre content, fabric type etc and slowly but surely, my inventory was coming to life.

While the app currently isn’t set up for trims, I’ve still used it to log mine, just labelling the ‘fabric type’ as button or bow or lace etc which is just fine because you can organise by type, length, width, colour…eeeeep it is just deadly! I was so excited that I showed it to my faithful fashion girlies and they laughed at me, in the nicest way of course, saying “only you could get this exited over something like that!” maybe girlies…maybe!

Here’s a quick run through of how it works.

Cora 123 wider

To add a fabric, simply press the + sign on the bottom of the screen.

Hit the photo section to add an image and fill in as much info as you like. It’s that simple!

The sections are broken down into the following:
Basics, Material, Appearance, Size, Aquisition, Origin and Notes. Between the different sections, there’s lots of info you can fill in to help really organise your stash.

Once added, you can view your inventory in either listing or grid format. I love how it feels like you are looking at an online shop only the stuff is already yours!

Finally I have a grasp on exactly what I own so for once I can plan future makes and put all of my bits to good use.

Current fabric count- 119. Current happy nerdy levels – high, very high!


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