Ikea Fabric Ironing Board Cover

IB Top Image

It’s time to replace our ironing board cover.

PATTERN: None needed really. Self draft using the Tilly and the Buttons tutorial which you can find here.

REASONS FOR MAKING: Our ironing board has been looking pretty tired for a while now, but the last time I replaced it with a crappy bought cover, it didn’t even fit properly so I was excited to give this a try once I saw it.

FABRICS: Cheap and cheerful…Ikea 100% cotton grey stripe for the main fabric and an Ikea fleece blanket for the underlay. Grand total of €6.50!

IB Materials

TRIMS: White satin bias binding ( I would have preferred a nice natural cotton but the shop didn’t have any) and some garden twine.

HOW TO: With the fleece blanket folded in half, the ironing board is placed upside down on the fabric and traced around. Adding a 1.5cm allowance around the edge (or whatever depth your board frame is), cut the fabric, giving you 2 layers of fleece for the underlay.

IB Tracing

Laying the fabric on the floor, wrong side up, again place the board on the fabric and trace around the edge only this time, giving a larger seam allowance (I used 5cm) and cut out.

Attach the binding around the edge of the cover, leaving a gap of your desired width at the top edge of the cover for your string to be tied later on.

Feed your string through the bound edge using a safety pin so that you are left with two ends of string which you will pull to fit the cover on your board.

Lay your 2 layers of fleece on the board and the lay your cover on top of this, right side up. Crease the edges towards the underneath of the board and pull the strings tight, adjusting the cover as you go so it fits lovely and snug and tie it off as tight as you can.

All that’s left to do is iron it!

IB Ironing

WHAT WENT WRONG: Not a thing. Though I do need to practice my binding skills…there were a lot of wobbly areas! (It was late and wine was consumed!)

LESSONS LEARNED:  Take more time when it comes to binding!

VERDICT: What a handy little project from Tilly and the Buttons and it really takes no time at all. It took me just over half a metre of fabric and that fleece blanket I used will probably get you enough for a second cover if you fancy doing one for a mate!  And now I finally have a cover that actually fits the board! A great easy and quick way to jazz up your tired ironing board.

IN Finished


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