Decluttering…here we go again!

KONMARI feature

I will hold my hands up. I’m a bit messy. I’m not gross messy, just “I keep a lot of STUFF” messy. It’s organised chaos though. I swear! Ask me where something is within my stuff and I’m pretty sure I’ll find it. However, I live in an apartment with an extremely patient husband who must be driven demented by my stuff  and therefore, space is limited and not mine alone. I do go through phases of impulse sorting and I call it sorting because god love me, I tell myself I’m cleaning but to be fair, I’m just re-organising…badly.

A life long friend and fellow crayon college graduate also suffers from the ‘I keep a lot of STUFF’ syndrome and told me about Marie Kondo…Well it was worth a bash. It couldn’t make me any messier. So she lent me her book and I got stuck in.

Following her general guidelines, I attacked my clothes first (definitely the easiest for me) and it felt great. So great that I moved onto the next section, and the next, skipping one or two but nothing major. But always at the back of my mind was my sewing stuff. This would be a challenge. So much so that I think it deserves its own post and a lot more time.

But I needed to clear out the rest of my stuff in order to have my mind clear so I could attack the big one properly. So that’s where I’m at right now. About to go big, go epic, venture where I’ve never gone before and may never return from!

Wish me luck!


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